About Us

At Glow Learning, we are passionate about helping schools meet the challenging and ever changing demands of the education sector by empowering teachers and students through effective e-learning courses.

Whether you are looking to promote the great work your school is doing, you are struggling to attract bright and talented teachers or want to protect your pupils from the dangers of the online world, Glow Learning is here to support you.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experienced people from the education sector, including teachers and inspectors as well as marketing, web and technology specialists. This has enabled us to develop engaging online courses that meet the specific needs of all schools to help them achieve outstanding.


We’ve consulted Ofsted inspectors throughout the development of our courses to make sure we’re delivering according to the latest Ofsted guidelines.  Our online learning courses have been created with the very latest Ofsted requirements at their core, ensuring your school can showcase outstanding results by not only being able to demonstrate that you have the necessary policies in place for communication and online safety, but can also provide evidence that your staff and pupils have been effectively trained and are actually conducting best practice through engaged learning.

Education Expertise

The teachers in our team from both primary and secondary schools have used their vast experience of working in educational environments to make certain that our online learning courses not only deliver the perfect content, but that they are also presented in a super engaging way for both teachers and pupils, to leave you feeling assured that you are ahead of the game!

Digital Expertise

Our team consists of digital, marketing, web and IT gurus who have provided their specialist knowledge to develop the content of our courses. You can be confident that our market leading e-learning platform delivers training in a robust, fun, engaging and comprehensive way, making it simple for school staff and children to learn and provide tangible evidence of their knowledge – as required by Ofsted inspections.